Did you know? The classroom has the ability to transform an ordinary concept into one that is exciting, interactive, and creative (Dunn, 2012). This can all be achieved, if it is equipped with contemporary e-learning tools, such as tablets, Wi-Fi, interactive whiteboards, and laptops. These tools provide teachers with a limitless supply of resources to adapt to any topic or student need, which is only bound by their own imagination (E-Learning Australia, 2009). One issue is, technology is changing so rapidly (it was only recently that we were writing on blackboards) that teachers have a continual responsibility to stay informed and adapt to the new technologies available, as their tech-savvy students certainly will be!

E-learning is revolutionising the teaching and learning experience so that more collaboration and flexibility is integrated into the classroom. Students benefit from this environment as these e-learning tools provide a familiar and enjoyable experience that will intrinsically motivate them to learn new concepts (Colorado Technical University, 2011). Additionally, the mobility and interactivity of these tools means that students are able to work in a number of different scenarios, whether it is in groups, at home, or individually and still be able to receive feedback. Certain apps and games provide this interactive learning experience, whilst also providing a selection of methods for teachers to adapt to different learning styles (Dunn, 2012). The key for teachers, with every new innovation introduced is to view the new technology with a critical approach before adopting it into the classroom (E-Learning Australia, 2009).

For the teachers out there who are overwhelmed by these new developments, do not fear! There are online communities and programs, such as Clio Online which will ease you into the technology realm.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9JBVX_vwXg  (Date accessed 1/04/2013)


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